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Defining Member Levels and Titles

Goto Control panel > Board Management > Security Management > Manage User levels and custom titles

For Mods, type in 998 as the level and enter the title you want.

For Admins, type in 999 as the level and enter the title you want.

For Head Admin (ie board owner, type in 1000 as the level and enter the title you want.

If you already have defined 998, 999 and 1000 titles, you need to delete them before creating new ones.

For the rest of the members you can define any level (along with its accompanying custom title) within the 100 to 997 range.

You can make the title manually granted (where you have to grant it to a member) or auto granted (where the system grants it to every member who makes the number of posts needed to qualify for the title).

Also note that:

- Currently, all Mods share the same Mod title and all Admins share the same Admin title. Only one person (the board owner) gets the Head Admin title.
- Staff titles do not have to be granted, just created.

- Staff titles should be set up as manually (not auto) granted.

Above content courtesy of Alpha Centauri

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