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Do You Have A Slow Board?

Why Is My Board Slow?

It happens… and for various reasons. Here are some of those possible reasons:


Yes, we’re good but we’re not perfect (yet).

Sometimes traffic gets heavy on our servers and longer loading times are experienced. But, if that does happen, it’s only temporary and usually for a short period. We balance server load regularly to avoid this happening. And, we add new servers when growth demands it.

Occasionally, maintenance requirements or new feature loading can slow boards down. There is normally an announcement made before this happens.

Other Sites

Most boards have links to other sites (eg. where image files for avatars and/or signatures are hosted). If any one of these hosting sites is down or has problems, your board could feel the effects.

Your ISP and/or Plan

ISP servers can suffer from heavy traffic periods, too. They may even have a server or two down as well. Or, you could end up being assigned to a server not located nearby.

Naturally, if you are a dial up subscriber, this can convert slow loading times into speeds that even a snail would find lacking in pace.

Your Computer

A slow computer is a slow computer. Even a fast computer can become a slow computer if you’re running a few applications at once or downloading big files. Maybe your hard drive is almost full and/or badly fragmented.

Perhaps there is something running in the background taking up resource...

Big Fat Files On Your Board

This can happen because you made it happen (eg. banner, background, smilies) or you can get members with huge signatures; or perhaps members who like to post an enormous image which half a dozen other members can then quote in their posts.

Dodgy Code

Runboard’s custom CSS and HTML areas really open up the possibilities for board design. But, if your code isn't quite right, your board can pay the price, speedwise.


What To Do If Your Board Is Suddenly Slow...

- have you or an admin just made some additions or changes to the board? If 'Yes', try taking them out and see if the board returns to normal.

- look around. Are other non-Runboard internet sites also slow? If they are, the cause is more likely your ISP or your computer. If possible, get another Runboard user to check out your site and see if they find it slow.

- if other sites seem okay, try other Runboards (maybe pick a couple to try from The Runboard Directory ). Look for those on the same server as you - check your board URL to see which server your board is on (eg. if you look at its URL, you'll see that this Support board is on com5).

- if other Runboards on the same server are slow, then check Announcements to see if any maintenance or feature additions have been scheduled.

- if there are no announcements, check the 'Q&A', 'Premium members support' or 'Very urgent stuff' forums to see if others are experiencing the same slowness.

- if no one else has posted, leave a post in Q&A and it will be checked out.

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Re: Do You Have A Slow Board?

One more thing I'd like to add, which comes up from time to time.

If it only happens on the reply screen

It might be your board's smilies. Having a lot of animated smilies on one page will slow down some computers, because the computer has to continuously work to keep rendering all those different frames, and some computers just don't have the processing power to handle it. There was actually one board in particular a few years ago where I had to disable images just to make a post there with my old computer, otherwise my computer would lock up on me completely and the only way to get it working again was to reboot it manually with the reset button on the machine.

If one or more of your members is having trouble making posts at your board, ask them to try typing something into the reply screen at this board. They don't have to submit the post, but if they want to, they can do it in The Trashcan, where test posts are welcome.

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