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Mr RunSearch
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Registered: 07-2003
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Bug Reporting Rules ~ Please Read Before Posting

To make it as easy as possible for Runboard Staff to assist with your bug/problem please try to follow these rules when bug reporting.

1. Has this bug been reported before?
- If there is a bug topic on that same page with a similar documenting the exact same problem? If so please post in the existing topic instead of creating your own. It helps to know that more than that one person is having that problem.

2. When writing a bug report, please be as clear and precise about describing what happened.

3. Should your bug report contain any sensitive or personal information, please use the Feedback link off the home page of rather than posting here.

4. Please include the steps needed to reproduce the bug. (If applicable and at all possible, a screenshot)

5. The more information you provide, the quicker the issue will be dealt with.

6. If you are reporting a bug experienced by someone else than you, please report full information about those who actually experience the bug.

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