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Re: Official policies - what is and what isn't allowed on Runboard


I was the owner of this venerable board...
It was the continuation and fusion of different usenet newsgroup crated in the mid 90's.

Why don't you explained precisely what created the problem ?
Why not to send me a PM and leave me a chance to clean it up ?
Why no to leave me a chance to move that very old forum to another place ?

That's not fair and very brutal...


Grrrrrr !!!
6/10/2018, 5:54 am Link to post PM SMV
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Re: Official policies - what is and what isn't allowed on Runboard


SMV wrote at another board 4 hours ago:

Hi, it was suspended by administration without prior notice. No reason given neither...
The forum must have been considered as too sexual (its the only explanation i see).

Sorry for all folks...

Contrary to your claim there, there was a reason given, and it brought you directly to this thread. So why would you say there was no reason given?

You said yourself that it was too sexual, so you already know why it was suspended.

Also, the board was suspended 45 days ago, but you're just now noticing that it was suspended? Do you not visit your own board often enough to moderate it? It doesn't appear that you do.

While I have you here, thank you for bringing that other board to our attention. We will be sure to review it, to make sure they aren't committing the same violations that were all over your board.


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6/10/2018, 9:44 am Link to post Email Lesigner Girl   PM Lesigner Girl Blog

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