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Logging in


I am trying simply to access a forum for which I have joined. I go to the website and I see the login boxes in the top right.

I enter my details and it takes me BACK to a login page again... I re-enter my details and nothing happens.

I am logged in (as you can see) so my user name and password are correct, but it keeps going around in circles!

If I go to try to write a message in the forums via the website, I get a grey pop up box telling me that I cannot write anything ...because I'm not logged in... it then gives me another log in box, which I complete and once again just comes back to another log in box - around and around again.

This is driving me crazy! My run board login is obviously correct as I am posting here and I can get to my profile etc, but I cannot access the actual forums on the site I am trying to get to as it keeps going around in circles with the login boxes.

Can anyone please help??

UPDATE - Suddenly after approximately 1 hour it has now allowed me to log in ... So I'm guessing it was simply a system 'thing' where it needed time to sort itself out.

Thanks anyway.

Thank you.


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Re: Logging in

Hi hawk657,

The address you gave is showing the board through a frameset, via a non-secure (http instead of https) connection.

Try using this address instead:

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