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Street Harassment/Bullying

I've found the subject that fits this forum perfectly emoticon

I'll keep my anecdotes short, as the main thing here is how much I hate it, but still.

First time I had anything of this sort happen was last Summer at my grandparents'. A car was blasting loud music and kind of driving back and forth on a side-street as I was taking a walk. This route only has a street (no sidewalk), so I always walk on the side of the road. I could tell I wasn't going to like what happened next by the way the car was so directed at me. Long story short, they swerved onto the road I was on and sped past me as fast as they could. And, as you'd imagine, they had the loudest engine sounds possible. I had to jump off the road to avoid the car, which scared me a bit. They found it HILARIOUS, but luckily they left me alone after that. To be clear, they were probably late-teens to early-20s themselves, BUT I would never do that to someone walking emoticon

Anyway, after a few days I was back on that route frequently for walks and runs. I assumed that incident was just a one-off thing.

Sadly, I've had very similar things happen in the past month - at a park and in my neighborhood. The guy in the park was on a dirtbike and cut right in front of me while yelling a bunch of junk. The ones in my neighborhood were just saying silly stuff like "We're gonna get you", etc. etc. but it still freaks me out anyway emoticon

I know it's even worse a lot of the time for women, which is another awful thing about it all. Imagine trying to go out and get some exercise and having a group in a car yell insults/threats at you emoticon I've been using the treadmill instead more and more, which is a shame. I just hate this whole concept (that I really wasn't aware of six months ago).

I think it must partly be my age - while I'm not an adult, it's not like when I was 13 and running around the neighborhood. I'm closer to these peoples' ages, so I guess I'm "safer" to go after.

Not to overdramatize a joke of sorts, but this is one thing I just can't wrap my head around. I've done many stupid things, but why impede someone's progress like this? emoticon

And calm... emoticon

Keshi Heads
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Re: Street Harassment/Bullying

It really sounds totally insane. I'm sorry you have to go through that.

I can only assume these people need a way to feel superior somehow, and they can only get that feeling by bullying you.

Shame. *hugs*

- Firlefanz

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