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Funny things about skin designing

After going through 30+ skin design updates, I have found a few funny things which keep cropping up in the process.

Every skin designer tends to borrow and use elements which work, for the most part, even if the results are not exactly what they intended when creating the skin.

Common areas where this tendency is apparent are border declarations, margins, and padding. I am discovering the continued use of old code statements dating back to 2003 (Made prior to two major coding updates in the Runboard system)!

I find this tendency on my skins and the skin designs created by every other front end coders work. We all know better, but we see what we want to see instead of what is really there (like the extra space added between words, you don't read that extra space, you ignore it because your mind knows it doesn't belong).

I share this because we all need fresh eyes looking at our coding efforts. Even if you don't know how to code a skin should you see something which seems odd to you please share what you see that could be better.


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