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Registered: 07-2005
Location: Texas
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Re: The "Spouzic-art" Revival (CSS only backgrounds)

Here is the "Rain Drop" CSS background I made while working on the coding updates to the "Rainy Day" Runboard theme.


body {
  background: linear-gradient(68deg, #3A4D69 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) 3em -3em, linear-gradient(-68deg, #3A4D69 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) -3em -3em, radial-gradient(circle, #3A4D69 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) 0 0, linear-gradient(68deg, #4D606E 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) 0 0, linear-gradient(-68deg, #4D606E 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) 0 0, radial-gradient(circle, #4D606E 0.9em, #fff0 0.99em) 3em 3em;
  background-size: 6em 6em;
  background-color: #888888;
  background-repeat: repeat;



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