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Re: Re:


Rigby5 wrote:

I February I thought I signed up for two years of premium status, but our board dropped back down to only showing 20 topics per page?

I don't believe any settings changed on our side of the board?

Any idea what happened?


I'm just guessing since I don't have access to those areas. Based on what you said I think you must have used the control panel link on The political Grill.... two: message board and purchased two years of "Premium User Membership." You can verify that by looking in your user control panel and seeing if you are a premium user (the control panel will also tell you when your "premium membership" is set to expire). So if you see that you are "premium" and your membership is scheduled to expire in 2019 then that's what happened. The political Grill.... two: received at least 10,000 free page views since you used the "control panel link" on that board which allowed for the board's settings to be changed from the default 20 topics to 40 topics. The good news is that if that is what happened then if a premium board membership is purchased you will not have to worry about it for years. emoticon


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Ok, I did not really want personal premium membership and only for the whole board to be able to see more than 20 threads per page, but that is not really a problem.

I currently don't have or want administrator privileges so I will have to get the owner to give me the ability to look around and maybe I can figure out how to buy more pages and allow advertising for those "not logged in", whoever that might be.
Just a little odd for both to be called "premium", to pay for page views instead of a constant like time, and to have to worry about what eats us page views.
Could be a little simpler.

But I will give it a try and get back if there is a problem.
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Re: Increasing the number of topics per page

Rigby -

Are you familiar with the term, "bandwidth"? Bandwidth is the reason why board premium is based on views, rather than time frames. I suppose we could try to develop some kind of complicated algorithm to calculate the number of bytes that are downloaded with each page view and charge per byte of bandwidth, but in my opinion, it's so much easier to estimate when a board's premium will run out when you can look at the page view trends from the last 30, 60, and 90 days, than to try and calculate how many bytes of bandwidth will be used up.

As for why user premium is purchased on a yearly basis rather than page views, a very active member is more likely to purchase premium for themself than someone who isn't so active, so purchasing premium is basically paying for the extra bandwidth they use. If someone doesn't have a premium account, and they are not at a premium board that has ads disabled for them, ads are displayed to them to help pay for the bandwidth they use, and other costs of keeping Runboard online.

If a board's owner wants to change the number of topics and/or posts per page, but doesn't care about ads, they can enable ads for everyone, and make a board's premium credits last indefinitely. Admins also have the ability to change this, but I think it should be up to the owner to make this decision.

The board's owner is the only person who can purchase premium credits for their board, so there's no way you could have purchased premium for the board yourself, unless you were logged into the owner's account at the time. However, if you clicked on the appropriate link on the board before you purchased your own user premium, it would have resulted in some referral credits going to the board. I don't know if the number of credits would have been 10,000 (the base number of referral credits), 40,000 (since you paid for 4 years of user credit and got the 5th year free), or some other number, but it wouldn't have been 100,000.

In July, you purchased 5 years of personal premium (for your own personal account, not the board) for the price of 4 years. This would have cost you $40USD or 40 Euros.

100,000 board premium credits cost $25 or 25 Euros.

As Susa explained, your user premium status does save the board on premium views, and enabling ads for logged-out people can help, too. If anyone else upgrades their user account to premium, this will also preserve premium credits, because views by a premium user do not deplete a board's premium credits.

Although the board's owner is the only person who can purchase premium for the board, any admin can change the setting to show ads to logged-out people.

Since you have been the one coming to us for help with that board on the board owner's behalf, I would recommend they make you an admin, because it's the only way you will be able to look around the board's control panel and make any changes to the settings.

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