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How can I get my account terminated!


I want to have my account terminated after having been bot abused and treated with such disrespect and even becoming horribly slandered by members on one of your support forums for abused people, that I no longer want to be associated with that awful forum.

At this point I can't eve remove my own posts whereas some have been removed by a very biased and cult like group on said forum who seem to function as some kind of a mob...

Please help me get my account here terminated immediately, I don' want to have to go through any more abuse and pain from these people.

It is a shame really that a support forum may turn so much into a religious cult like group as this forum has, where no different or opposing opinions may exist and not even questions may be asked...

10/26/2012, 7:54 am Link to post Email Scout999   PM Scout999 Blog
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Re: How can I get my account terminated!

Hi Scout999,

I'm sorry to hear of your experience at one board. In the words of Lesigner Girl:

"You can't delete your account; you can only stop using it. Please see this topic for more details.

You might also want to consider joining a different board, as we have thousands to choose from. Feel free to look around The Runboard Directory, and see if you can find a board you like."

I see you refer to "one of your support forums ". Please note that the boards hosted at Runboard are owned and run by individuals who are required to follow Runboard's terms and conditions. However, outside that, they run their boards independently of Runboard.

10/26/2012, 9:02 am Link to post   Blog

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