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New feature: enhancement of links in posts

You asked for it, you got it emoticon

While retaining the old syntax for including links in posts, i.e. ([url ][/url ]), we now have an additionnal way to specify a link, giving it a name:

[ url=]Click here![/url ]

will give us that:

Click here!

Neat huh? emoticon

The Insert Link button has been changed to allow entering a name for a link as well - but the name can be left blank, in which case the link will display itself.

Well, I'm not good at explaining stuff, just try it out, play with it, and see by yourself. And please report any bugs.

Also, I've seen reports from people saying there weren't able to make several links at the same line. I tried it, and it worked fine for me, please let me know if it doesn't for you.
7/11/2003, 4:59 pm Link to post Email Thor   PM Thor ICQ Yahoo Blog
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Re: New feature: enhancement of links in posts

Thor, great idea. I tried to do this last night for better organization for my threads, and it couldn't do it.. Thanks!

- Kriptonic -
7/11/2003, 5:01 pm Link to post Email kriptonic   PM kriptonic

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