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Total Feature Requests list (2003 - 2012 index)

Presenting the total work order (I mean Feature List) for the:

Design & Functionality Research, Developments & Improvements Engineering and Testing Cross Functional Department (also known as Thor)

The feature request list is a alphabetized consolidation of the 33 pages (approximately 825 individual requests and over 5500 individual posts) found in the "feature request" forum. A feature request listed here does not necessarily indicate support for the request, only that the request was made. Last update: August 15, 2014

Image 2003

01. Adding and subtracting posts - related to the "points system" request q.v., this would give board owners the ability to reward a person with additional posts or punish a person by subtracting posts (here).
Image02. Announcements - A post that shows up in all forums above the sticky topics with its own “announcement specific icon,” promised (here) but never implemented.
Image03. Application to multiple forums - Instead of having to apply to each private forum one at a time how about the ability to apply to several forums at once? Requested (here).
Image04. Avatar Gallery - The request for Runboard to have a gallery of predefined avatar images that users could use (here).
Image05. Blog Subscription - The ability to subscribe to blogs the same way we subscribe to topics (here).
Image06. Board Statistics – Not very specific, just that more Board Statistics would be added over time (here).
Image07. Chat Box - Requested (here). I think the current 3rd party chat box is pretty good.
Image08. Community Calender - The request was for a calender that would allow users or board staff to create "events." Thor agreed it was a good idea but wanted to wait till he had some other stuff done first so he requested a reminder in "a few months" (here). I created a work-a-round for code savvy users (here).
Image09. Custom HTML header and footer - The request was for separate custom HTML headers and footers for the main board AND for each forum (here).
Image10. Delete Ones Own Posts - A five page discussion from 2003 to 2011 on the pro's and cons of being able to delete ones own posts (here).
Image11. E-Mail notification - a request allow boards owners and admins to customize the e-mail notifications to match their boards information. Given a priority number of 7 in a scale of 1-100 with 1 being "very low" and 100 being "extremely urgent" (here).
Image12. Edit Ability for Custom Titles - Instead of having to delete the custom title and then recreate it to get it right (here).
Image13. File upload space - Thor said he was considering this as a pay-feature, premium option, for sometime in the future (here).
Image14. Forum list, or forum search engine - a request for a page with the existing forums on it. The original "showcase with a couple of topics showing" was completed by Thor (here).
Image15. Forum Navigation Box/Links - This feature would give links at the bottom similar to the current board location/forum/topic links we currently have at the top but with the ability to "jump" to board defined locations as well (here).
Image16. Forum Scroll Box - A scroll box for faster navigation between the forums on a board. Requested (here).
Image17. Guest-Forum - A forum that would act like a guestbook allowing anyone to post in it without having an account or without logging in (denied).
Image18. Hot Topic Icons - The request was for special icons to show for "Hot Topics" defined by the requester as any topic with 25+ replies. There would be 2 of these icons, one for "new hot topic" and one for "old hot topic" (here).
Image19. Last 10 Posts - A list of the last 10 posts made on a board, the suggested location was beneath the “reply box” promised (here).
Image20. Mark as Read, Check box Option - Allow users to use check boxes to mark which forums to "Mark as read." Thor says maybe in the future (here).
Image21. Mass PM's - Promised (here).
There is a discussion on this and how it could help Runboards profitability (here).
Image22. Move Posts - The ability to move one or more posts to the correct topic/thread. Requested (here).
Image23. Multiple Layout Option - Allow board owners to define more than one layout for their boards and let users choose which one they want to use while on that board. Requested (here).
Image24. New Boards - The idea was to place a button on the ak_miscoptbar that would show the "New Boards" created over a set time period. The listing would be a opt-in listing because the person creating the board would have to click a button saying "add to new boards list." (noted).
Image25. Newest Topics Page - Click the button and see a page with the newest topics listed (here).
Image26. Next Topic - A button to take the user to the next topic in the board instead of having to go back to the topic list. Requested (here).
Image27. Point System with a store - Some method were users could collect points and then trade them for board specific items. Requested (here).
Image28. Profile color choices - Allow the user to select from some predefined color choices how the profile page looks. Not really a skin as I understand it, just some alternate colors (here).
Image29. Quick-Reply - Never committed to when requested (here). Lesigner Girl does have a really nice one though as a 3rd party add-on (here).
Image30. Security on Forums tied to User Defined Levels - The idea is to allow the board owner/admins to predefine a forums access and visibility based on custom titles when they are creating a forum (here).
Image31. Spell-Checker - Promised (here) but never implemented. Not nearly as important now with most browsers having built-in spell checkers.
Image32. Sticky Topics, Kept well... Sticky! - The request was for "Sticky Topics" to stay in the order they are created in. Thor suggested the "post/delete" workaround as a temporary measure (here).
Image33. Topic Purge - This feature would allow the board owner to set a time limit on how long a topic would remain on a board without activity. Once this time limit is reached then that topic is automatically purged/deleted (here).
Image34. WebRing for Runboard - A Runboard specific webring (here). I had a 3rd party webring working before changing hosts. Still working at getting it back...
Image35. Who's Online For Particular Forums – As near as I can tell this was for a major expansion of “Who's Online” functionality “When you click on it should give you a list of members and guests and what they are doing, replying, reading or whatever forum they are at.” Promised (here) but never implemented.
Image36. Who's Online on Topic and Posts pages - A request to give board owners or admins the option of showing the .forumlistwhosonlinetable on both the Topics and Post pages (here).

Image 2004

01. Administration Power Center - A special control panel where board owners or admins could chose what powers their individual moderators would have when they assign the moderator position to a user (here).
Image02. Advertising Suggestion - This feature would put advertisements on the "Whoooops! Document not found!" page (and maybe other links as well) (here).
Image03. Application Information Message - This feature would allow board owners to specify what information they require before a user can join a application-membership board or forum. Thor said the feature was coming soon (here). A partial "work around" solution has been posted (here).
Image04. Auto-Join - A check-box feature allowing users that are registering with Runboard to automatically become a member of the board they are registering from (here).
Image05. Avatar & Signature Control - This feature would tie the ability of a user to have either a signature or avatar based on the custom title they have achieved on a board (here).
Image06. Banned User Comments - A request for an added field or box in the manage banned user area for board owners, admins, and mods to place comments on why a user was banned or how long a banned user should remain banned (here).
Image07. BBCode Requests - A request for a more flexible bbcode system with specific requests for picture and text alignment, text wrap, picture size, glowing and shadow text (here) and tables (here).
Image08. Blog Additions – The request was for more customizing options for Blogs, specifically, the ability to name the blog and change the layout of the Blog. The promise was made to add “stuff” to the Blogs soon (here). Thor kept his promise but the “stuff” added didn't match what was requested.
Image09. Blog Visitor Counter - A small counter to show how many times a blog has been visited (here).
Image10. Change browser title bar title - A request to change the title appearing in the browser bar to reflect either a free message board or a premium message board (here). Note: the title appears to have been removed completely.
Image11. Control Panel Slide Out Menus - This feature would give the Control Panel slide out menus so you could go straight to the option you are looking for instead of waiting for each option to load separately (here).
Image12. Country Flag - The option to show a members country flag in the profiles (here).
Image13. Edit Posts Bump Option - A setting for board owners or admins to allow edited posts to bump the topic (here).
Image14. Email notification of new topics - This feature would allow board members to subscribe to the topic list of a board so they would receive a email notice when new topics are added (here).
Image15. Fine-Tune Multiple Forums - The request is for a method to fine-tune more than one forum at a time (here).
Image16. Forum Order Sorting - A request to have either a auto-numbering or graphical interface to make the addition and rearrangement of forums easier (here).
Image17. Forum Selector - A user option to select which forums they want to look at and hide the rest with a button to turn the feature on and off (here).
Image18. Hide or Delete all user posts - A request that would allow for all of a users posts to be either hidden or deleted when a user is banned (here).
Image19. Ignore User - Essentially a request to have a "Board User Ignore" box similar to the "PM user ignore" box so that no posts from the "ignore list" would show or be displayed (here).
Image20. Individual Titles for Admins and Mods - A request to be able to give individualized titles to both the Admins and Mods on a board (here).
Image21. Individual Time Zone Settings - A request for for each user of the runboard to individually set their runboard membership "clock" to their own timezone on the boards (here).
Image22. Just The Poll - The ability to create and name just the poll by itself. The poll topic would allow for replies (here).
Image23. Karma Reset - Allow Board owners/admins to reset the Karma levels back to zero for everyone on their board (here).
Image24. Member Excluded - This feature would give a board owner/admin the ability to exclude/block a user from being able to post in a normally public forum (here).
Image25. Member list Sort - The request was focused on having the ability to sort the boards member list alphabetically but other choices were mentioned (here).
Image26. More Smilies – Not a feature actually, just a request for more default smilies which Thor said he wouldn't mind doing as long as they were not too weird or animated (here).
Image27. Moving Posts (with shadow left behind) - The feature would allow you to move individual posts and give you the option of leaving behind a shadow post that would say something like "post moved + redirection link" to the posts new location (here).
Image28. Multiple Language Support - On a board by board basis this feature would allow the Board owner could select which languages she or he would support and the user could then choose which language they would view the board in. (here).
Image29. Navigation - A request for "previous page" and "next page" links on either side of the page numbers to help navigating around (here).
Image30. New Messages By Me – This feature would make messages posted by you not show up as new. Promised (here) and partially implemented... if you move one of your posts the “new” tag returns...
Image31. Poll Customization - A general request for more ways to customize polls (here).
Image32. Premium Birthday Present - This feature would grant a Premium User Membership for a 24 hour period on that users birthday as a promotional tool to encourage Premium User subscriptions (here).
Image33. Profanity Filter Addition - Expand the profanity filter to include the "alt character" codes (here).
Image34. Random Board Showcase - A plea for the board showcase to go back to the random board display (here).
Image35. Real Search – Promised to develop once new servers were purchased that could handle the “search load” (here).
Image36. Real Time Preview - I changed the name on this one. The request was for a system that would show you the changes you were making when designing your board in real time allowing you to correct mistakes before hitting the "submit changes" button (here).
Image37. Runboard Pages Taking Boards Colors/Css - This feature would enable pages like the profile pages, TOS, Runboards Support and FAQ pages etc to adopt the CSS of the boards in the short URL so for example the user coming from would adopt the CSS of the bakheva board (here).
Image38. Signature Separator and Alignment - Requesting the three dash separator be replaced with the <hr> and the signature itself always be vertically aligned to the bottom of each post no matter what the size of the actual post is (here).
Image39. Signature Space – The request was for an increase in the Signature box to 300 characters and for a small countdown box to show how much space was left. Thor said he would look at it “very soon” (here).
Image40. Smiley and Posticon Grid Selector - Instead of a fixed grid of 5 per row on these it would be nice to be able to define the grid size per row, say to 10 posticons per row (here).
Image41. Spoiler Mask - A request for a mask or something that would hide everything after the first couple of lines in a post until a user clicked on the link created by the spoiler mask (here).
Image42. Staff Only Topics Creation - This feature would allow for totally public topics so anyone can reply to a post but the only ones who could start a new topic would be members of the boards staff (here).
Image43. Sub-forums - When responding to this feature request Thor expressed great optimism but offered no iron clad guarantee of it being implemented (here).
Image44. Theme Choices - A request for more preloaded theme choices (here).
Image45. Timed Topic Move - A feature which would leave a "shadow topic link" in the original topic location for a preselected time so users could click on the shadow link and go to where the topic has been moved to. After the designated time the "shadow topic link" would disappear (here).
Image46. Timezone differences – The request was to allow for a non-standard board time to accommodate places like India where the time-zone difference is 30 minutes instead of a full hour. Promised addition “shortly” (here).
Image47. Today's Birthdays - Like the "Who's Online" but this bar would show the birthday's for those members who share that information (here).
Image48. Today's Visitors - Something to show who has visited the board in the last 24 hours (here).
Image49. User online/offline - This feature would place a small icon next to the users name indicating weather the user is online or offline (here).

Image 2005

01. After The Post location - A board defined setting that would return a user to a) the first page of the topic, b) the page the reply was added to or c) the last post in the topic (here).
Image02. Audio & Video BBCode - This request was for BBCodes to embed audio and video files in a post. The video portion has been granted with the Embed YouTube tag but so far there is no audio player bbcode (here).
Image03. Avatar Flexibility - Instead of having to set both height and width and then having the Avatars resized this feature would make the settings the maximum size allowed and would not resize Avatars which were smaller than the boards maximum settings. (here).
Image04. BBCode Addition - This feature would allow a user to highlight and choose the text color for the highlighted text instead of having to manually insert the [col][/col] tags (here).
Image05. Board Design Preview - This feature would give board owners a button on the Edit Layout and Colors panel to preview design changes before hitting the submit changes button (here).
Image06. Board Staff Posting Options - This feature would give any board staff member the ability to click on check-boxes to make a post sticky, closed, hidden, etc at the time the post is created instead of having to do the moderation options after the post is created (here) and with a pic (here).
Image07. CSS Classes for the columns - A request for CSS classes to be assigned to each column in both the forum and topic pages (here).
Image08. Date Topic Created - This feature would show the date a topic was created, the suggested location was beneath the Topic Name (here).
Image09. Forum Subscription - This feature would allow a user to subscribe to a forum on the board and receive a email notice when a new topic is created on that forum (here).
Image10. Google Adsense display options - A request for a Google AdSense display option to make sidebar skin design easier (here).
Image11. Karma auto access to forum - This feature would work like the custom titles work but instead of posts granting a title this would link access to special forums to a users Karma score (here).
Image12. Karma, CSS Classes - Requesting CSS classes for the Karma results, total, positive, and negative so they can be styled or hidden easier (here).
Image13. Last Posted - This feature would add the date that a member last posted on a board to the public members list (here).
Image14. Last Posted Board Stat - This feature would place the last topic that was posted in with a link to that topic in the board stats table (here).
Image15. Log Files - A feature that would record admin and mod actions for board owner review (here).
Image16. Mark Section As Read - This feature would give users the ability to just mark some sections as read instead of the whole forum, sections defined as the forums between the forum separators (here).
Image17. Merge Topics - This feature would allow a board staff member to merge one or more topics together (here).
Image18. multilingual account creation form - A plea to give Runboard at least a multilingual account creation ability. This was actually implemented as a 3rd party add-on to show the request (here)!
Image19. New, Old, All Posts Display - The default board setting is to show all forums but this feature would allow a user to choose to see only forums with new or old posts based on the time since they last logged in (here).
Image20. No Access Pages - This feature would give private board owners a small area to add to the default "no access" message (here), a partial work-a-round solution that almost works is posted (here).
Image21. PM Address Book - For storing frequently used member PM's (here).
Image22. PM Delete Button - This feature places a "Delete PM" button next to the "Reply" button so a user can delete the PM after reading it if no reply is needed or expected without having to go back to the "Inbox" (here).
Image23. PM Messages - A request to have the "messages left capacity" notice above the PM Inbox list instead of at the bottom (here).
Image24. PM Sent Box - This feature would save a copy of any PM sent out by the user (here).
Image25. PM URL/Links - This feature would make possible "click-able" url links in a PM (here).
Image26. Polls, add/remove - A moderation option to either add or remove a poll from a topic (here).
Image27. Post Count Awards/Punishment - A feature to use the post count on the board as either a reward or punishment to users based on their actions (here).
Image28. Postlistpostsvalue in pleasedo=seememberlist ?? - I have no idea what Mooseman was asking for... maybe a navigation thing for the members list (here)?
Image29. Premium Board Bank - This feature would allow members to donate money to maintain a boards premium status (here).
Image30. Premium Member Icon - This feature would put an icon beside the premium members name on the boards public memberlist (here).
Image31. Prevent search engines from indexing posting form pages - Granted along with the same restrictions for some of the other pages (here). But then changed back?
Image32. Profile Privacy - This feature would only allow a user to see a another users profile if they both belonged to the same board (here).
Image33. Protected Image Posting - A request to have a image posting method that makes it more difficult for others to steal/copy (here).
Image34. Quick Link Addition - A request to add a quick link on the .ak_miscoptbar_table going to a users "Misc Settings" (here).
Image35. Runboard Arcade Games - A feature to allow board owners to have Runboard specific arcade games on their boards (here).
Image36. Screen Resolution and Browser Stats - This feature would add the Most used Screen Resolutions and Most used Web Browser Stats For our Boards to the board stats page in the boards control panel (here).
Image37. Search Phrase - This feature would allow a user to search for "exact matches" inside a post (here).
Image38. Signatures per page - A feature that would allow board owners or admins to determine how many times a users signature would show on a per page basis (here).
Image39. Spam Button - After discussion this feature would post the spam link to a specific forum in the Runboard Support Forums (here).
Image40. Topic/Thread Rating - This feature would allow users to rate how good a topic/thread is (here).
Image41. Viewing Number - This feature would put the number of users viewing a forum next to the forums name (here).
Image42. Warning Button - This feature would place a "Warning/Alert" button in the postlistcontact area allowing users to click on it and alert board management about trouble in that specific post (here).
Image43. Who's Viewing - This feature would show who is viewing either the Topic List or Post List (or both) (here).

Image 2006

01. Admin Edits non-Changeable - This feature would provide the board owner with the option to make edits made by a admin non-changeable, locking the post to prevent anyone else from being able to edit the post (here).
Image02. Banned User Images - This feature would expand the current Banned User setting so that all images used by a banned user would no longer be displayed such as the signature, avatar, etc (here).
Image03. Banned User Restrictions - A request to make a board non-viewable by users who are banned from a board (here).
Image04. BBCode Modification - This feature would change the BBCode from the current <font size="+/-1"> to a CSS definable <span class="larger/smaller"> allowing board owners to set the larger and smaller font size implemented by the BBCode (here).
Image05. BBCode Pairs - This feature would give the boards a option to use a "single line" bbcode format where both the opening and closing halves of a bbcode pair would be inserted when clicked (here).
Image06. Clickable smilies in a div instead of a table - This feature would take the smilies out of a table and put them into a CSS div class for greater flexibility (here).
Image07. Contact admin form mail - This feature would allow a board owner to have a contact mail-to help form usable by non-Runboard users on their message boards (perhaps Captcha based?) (here).
Image08. Control Panel Themes - A request for the board control panel to use the same theme as the board it is attached to (here).
Image09. Copy To - This moderator option would give the ability to copy a post to another topic (here).
Image10. Custom Font Choices - This feature would give users a choice of fonts to use besides the boards default settings (here).
Image11. Forum Moderator Resignation - This feature gives a Forum Mod the ability to resign their position (here).
Image12. Google Page Cache - A request for a board owner option allowing Google to cache a boards pages (here).
Image13. Hall of Honor (boards) - This feature would give the stats for a user based on when they joined the board instead of when they joined Runboard (here).
Image14. Hide Master Post List - A request for a new fine tuning security setting that would show the forum and topic lists to non-members but would require membership to read the posts (here).
Image15. Ignore Forum - This feature would allow a user to ignore a forum so the "new" post doesn't show on the forum thus marked (here).
Image16. Jump to first NEW reply in a thread - This feature would act as a board wide bookmarker where the "last post" arrow would take the user to the "last post" the user had read instead of the last post actually made (here).
Image17. Member Search - This feature would allow a user to search for their friends by their "member name" both on a specific board and globally (here).
Image18. Moderator Abilities - This feature would give the Board Owner a new option, allowing Global Moderators to create/promote a user to Forum Moderator (here).
Image19. Moderator Membership Approval - This feature, if enabled by the board owner, would give a board moderator the ability to approve new member applications (here).
Image20. Moderator Quick Links - This feature would let the board owners and admins define some moderator functions as a "quick link," for example, a link that would automatically perform the "move topic to the archives forum" (here).
Image21. Multi-Board Forums - This feature would tie multiple boards together by allowing the creation of forums that take the user to another board instead of to the topics list (here).
Image22. Name Change - A request for the ability to change ones screen name (here).
Image23. "new" icon on a forum that isn't new - Better control so a forum or post that has been visited will not continue to say "new." Work-a-rounds where suggested and Thor said it would get better (here).
Image24. Newest Topic - This feature would show the newest topic title, date and authors name as a separate link at the top of the forums list (similar to the who's online box as I understand it) (here). Nice discussion (here).
Image25. Personal "aggregator" page - This feature would allow a user to select boards and forums which would then be collected and displayed on a single Runboard styled page, ie: a On-site RSS aggregator, similar to Google News (here).
Image26. Personal Avatar/Signature/Image ignore list - This feature would allow a user to disable the display of images he or she finds objectionable on a personal level. The images would still be viewable by others (here).
Image27. PM Post/Reply Area - A request to at least double the width of the area messages are composed in (here).
Image28. Registered and Joined - A feature that would show the date a user joined a message board. The suggested locations were in the .ak_msg_post_table and the local boards HoH though I personally think the logical place for this would be in the boards public memberlist (here).
Image29. Runboard Global Stats - This feature would add Runboards Global Stats to a page somewhere (Homepage maybe) (here).
Image30. Skype Option - A request to add a Skype link just like the msn-yahoo-icq links we already have (here).
Image31. Smiley on/off option - This feature would give users the ability to turn the display of smilies on or off while viewing and posting messages (here).
Image32. Space Remaining - This feature, when activated, would show how much space you had remaining when working on your control panel html/css/custom language set/signature or when posting a message (here).
Image33. Spelling Corrections - This is a general request to fix all the typos and spelling mistakes on the Runboard side of things (here).
Image34. Sticky Closed - A request to have a moderation option to make a topic "sticky and closed" with one action instead of having to moderate the same topic twice (here).
Image35. Sticky/non-sticky posts Separator - This feature would give the option of having a separator line inserted between sticky and non-sticky posts (here).
Image36. Topic Description - This feature would enable topics to have descriptions added to them (here).
Image37. Topic List Customization - This feature would add several new CSS classes to the Topic list giving new and unique customization abilities like "specially colored topic titles" (here).
Image38. User/member Probationary Status - This feature would allow board owners and admins to place a user on "probation." While on probation that users posts would set as True (USENET-style) moderation requiring a admins approval before the post is made on the board until the probation period is over (here).
Image39. Who is Online Sort - This feature would allow the user to sort the names of those showing in the Who is Online box (here).

Image 2007

01. 2nd alternate TEXT color - This option would allow for a second text color to go with the already existing Alternate background color on the main Forums page (here).
Image02. Applicant IP Address - This feature would append the applicants IP address to a request/application for membership at restricted boards (here).
Image03. Bookmark please - From the description this feature appears to be a request for a personal bookmark option so the user can continue from where they left off instead of searching around (here).
Image04. Dice Roller - This feature would add a dice roller option to a post similar to the existing poll option yet usable in more than just the initial post and with functions similar to what is found at En World, I changed the example used when making the request to one you can see... (here).
Image05. Forum Creation - A feature that would allow the board owner/admin to create more than one forum at a time (here).
Image06. Hide Link Condition - This feature would let a user use a bbcode set to hide a part of their post so it is not visible to another user until that user has replied to the first part of the post (here).
Image07. Karma Custom Language Set Addition - A request for the "Karma vote recorded" text to be added to the CLS (here).
Image08. Local/Board Specific Message Flow - A request for a local/board specific version of the current Global Message Flow (here).
Image09. Message Box Board Link - This feature would keep track of which boards a user has been to and would give a link back to the last board a person was on prior to their going to their PM Inbox (here).
Image10. Multiple Membership Approval Capability - This option would allow for the approval and/or denial of multiple membership requests at once. The request was expanded to have small comment check boxes as well (here).
Image11. Multiple Post Deletion - This option would give board owners and admins the ability to mark multiple posts and delete them as a batch (here).
Image12. PM Enhancement - This feature would allow Runboards BBCodes, smilies and clickable links to be used on PM's (here).
Image13. Poll Editing - This feature would give a polls author the ability to edit the poll just like they can edit the topic (here).
Image14. Poll Security - A optional feature to block duplicate voting by users, perhaps by e-mail, cookies or IP address (here).
Image15. Premium User Options - This feature would allow users to renew their membership before their membership expires and give a option for multi-year renewals (here).

Image 2008

01. Add Separator Option - This feature would add the option to have a separator bar between "sticky/closed topics" and "regular topics" (here).
Image02. Ban users by custom title addition - This feature would assign a custom title of 1 or 2 to banned or exiled users and be set so that users with a custom title of 1 or 2 would be restricted to seeing only the forum and topic lists. They could not see the actual posts made on the board (here).
Image03. Disable Signature/Avatar - This feature would give users and board staff the option of disabling the display of a signature or avatar a single post or for all posts by the user on that specific board (here).
Image04. Edit Post Options - This feature would give board owners up to 6 additional options when it comes to editing posts on their boards (here).
Image05. Forum Hide / Show (Expand / Collapse) Categories - A expansion of the current forum separators this feature would allow the user to click on a category/separator header and have it hide or show the forums within that category section (here).
Image06. Ignored User Post Display - A expansion on the 2004 feature request (here) to show how it might look in the posts (here).
Image07. Links at the Bottom - This feature would give board owners the option of having a second set of location links at the bottom of their board (here).
Image08. Merge &/or Split Topics - This feature would give a moderation options of merging similar topics together or splitting off posts into a new topic (here) Here is a example why we want this feature (delete topic turned into a smiley installation topic).
Image09. Show premium/free status on boards - This feature would show if a board was a premium or free board on the board itself instead of just in the boards control panel (here).
Image10. Simple Search Moderation Options - This feature would enable moderation options from the simple search results page allowing a admin/moderator to preform such tasks as deleting or moving old irrelevant topics found by the simple search engine (here).

Image 2009

01. AKSH Options - This feature would add 4 additional command options to the AKSH dealing with the purchase or renewal of premium items (here).
Image02. Automatic IP Checker - This feature would make it possible for anyone who can see a users IP to click on it to get the "whois" information on the IP (here).
Image03. Banned User Restrictions - A discussion of possible new features to deal with banned users (here).
Image04. Board Answering Machine - This feature would give the private board owner a small custom "answering machine" area to leave additional information or contact info for potential, or logged out, members (here).
Image05. Board Back-up - This feature would be for premium boards and allow the back-up of all topics and graphics used on a board (here).
Image06. Community Logo Width - This feature would expand the "community logo's" maximum width past the current 999px limit (here).
Image07. Edit Reason Field - This feature would give users a small field to say why a post was edited (here).
Image08. EMail/Contact - A opt-in request giving board owners and admins a "email multiple users" form for those who have "opted in" for receipt of board related emails (here).
Image09. Email/Password - A request for the board owner to have access to a users email address and password information (here).
Image10. External CSS & Favicon link options in CP - This feature would give defined areas in the Control Panel to place links going to a external CSS file and a url for a boards favicon (here).
Image11. Hall Of Honor CSS - A request for the HoH to have CSS classes assigned to it so its display can be customized to match the board (here).
Image12. Ignore Filter - This feature would allow a user to place names in a list that should not be filtered by the profanity filter (here).
Image13. Inactive Global Nick Deletion - This feature would delete inactive user names which is defined as a user who has not posted anything after creating their account over a 6-month period (here).
Image14. Inbox (full) - This feature would show the (full) message beside the inbox for both free and premium members to encourage housekeeping (here).
Image15. Messageflow filter and layout - This feature would implement a profanity filter on the messageflows topic titles and show which board community the message was posted in (here).
Image16. Moderator Granting Titles - This option would give the board owner the ability to allow moderators to grant or change user titles (here).
Image17. Opacity Settings for Background - This feature would fix a bug in the edit colors and theme form and give additional flexibility in the design process for boards (here).
Image18. Quiz Box for Polls - This feature would give each poll question a multiple choice style quiz box option with up to 4 choices per question (here).
Image19. Right Justify - This feature would add a bbcode so users could "right-justify" text in a post (here).
Image20. Reciprocal PM and E-Mail - This feature would over ride a users privacy settings by allowing replies to PM's and emails initiated by them (here).
Image21. Subscription CSS and CLS - This feature would add a new CSS class and Custom Language Entry so the Runboard generated messages created by a subscription could be styled to match a boards layout (here).
Image22. Topic Unsubscribe - This feature would have a "Unsubscribe" link displayed for topics a user is currently subscribed to (here).
Image23. Updated Preview - This feature would update the "theme preview" to show a small thumbnail pic of the theme. The request includes a graphic for better understanding (here).
Image24. Visible Application Reminder - This feature would place a visible reminder that "applications for access" were present. There is a nice discussion on how to make this both a free and premium feature as well (here).

Image 2010

01. Application message option - This feature would give board owners the option of having user applications sent to a special "board owners forum" instead of to the board owners email (here).
Image02. Avatar Selector - This feature would give a user the ability to choose which Avatar they wanted to use on one board without affecting/changing the Avatar they might be using on another board (here).
Image03. BBCode [Tab] - This feature would give users a tab function usable anywhere in their posts (here).
Image04. Blog Additions - The request was made to have the ability to a) name your Blog, b) edit your comments on a Blog and c) a "post" and "go back" link near the top. Thor added commenting abilities (here).
Image05. Board Link - This feature would give users the ability to post links that are board specific so that clicking on the link would open the link inside the same window/tab instead of navigating away from the site. The existing "link button" would open the link in a new window or tab (here).
Image06. Forum Sorting - This feature would do away with the headache of renumbering forums and allow board owners and admins to just move the forums up and down on a forums list (here).
Image07. Gender based forums - This feature would hide forums from a user unless they were the gender specified by the board owner or admin (here).
Image08. Google Ads Background - This feature would give the board owner the option of setting the Google ads background color to match either the default body background color or the background color used by the forums themselves (here).
Image09. Header/footer content for members only - This feature would allow board owners to have a part of their boards HTML header and footer set as only visible to members of their board (here).
Image10. Hidden from non-members - This feature would let the board owner or admin create public forums that would not be visible until a user actually joined the board (here).
Image11. Mark As Unread - This feature would let a user mark a message as "unread" so it would show up as a "new post" the next time they visit a board (here).
Image12. Maximum Moderation Check Box - This feature would set the "select all" check box to "maximum allowed" to ease bulk moderation duties (here).
Image13. PM Forwarding - This feature would give the user the ability to "forward a PM" to someone else (here).
Image14. Replicate Posts - This feature would give board owners and board staff the option of replicating a post in several forums at once (here).
Image15. Warning Symbol for Board Deletion button - This feature would highlight or mark the "board delete" button to make it even easier to avoid (here).

Image 2011

01. [hr] - This feature would add a [hr] command to the available bbcodes for the user (here).
Image02. Ban/Exile Moderation Fix - This feature would allow admins and mods to actually use the "ban/exile by email" option while still preserving the privacy of a users email account (here).
Image03. Board Deletion Grace Period - This feature would change board deletion from being immediate to forcing a "flagged for deletion" status. Providing a small "grace period" before a board's actual deletion (here).
Image04. Bookmark Inside Posts - This feature would give users a set of personal bookmark placeholders which they could set inside another users posts (here).
Image05. Forum Security Aid - This feature would give some idea of what the current forums security settings are without having to fine-tune each one (here).
Image06. Italics or Bold - This feature would allow the user to highlight a text and change it to either italics or bold text (here).
Image07. Links in the postlistcontact area - This is a request to restructure the links in the postlistcontact area to better utilize the available post real estate, complete with a graphic mock-up illustration (here).
Image08. Naming Custom CSS - This feature would give board owners to name their Custom CSS layout (here).
Image09. Members List, last post - This feature would add a column to the boards membership list showing when the last post was made by a member (here).
Image10. Moderation Menu - This feature would show the moderation menu both above and below the topics list (here).
Image11. Nick Names - This feature would add a space between the user name and custom title called AKA where a user could give themselves nick names through heir profile page (here).
Image12. Poll Information - This feature would show the maximum selectable items prior to a user voting (here).
Image13. Posting Poll Results - A feature that would allow a user to post the actual ak_poll_table inside a message (here).
Image14. Theme Expanssion - This feature would expand pre-loaded Runboard themes so the theme design would be used throughout the board which includes the control panel menus and Runboard generated responses. Premium board owners could choose to use a second theme for their control panels (here).
Image15. User Community Stats "Cloud" - This feature would show which public boards users posted at on Runboard as a "cloud" (here).
Image16. Who's Online World Clock - This feature would give board admins the ability to turn on "world clock tool tips" which would show the time for the user based on their IP address when hovered on (here).

Image 2012

01. Banned User viewing restriction - There are THREE different discussions on ways to restrict what a banned user can see (here, here, and here).
Image02. Board Navigation Links - This feature would add a board directory tree under the topic, and post lists making user navigation much easier on larger boards (here).
Image03. Custom Titles Master List - This feature would allow board owners and admins to see a list of all users who have been granted a custom title sorted by title (here).
Image04. Download Topic Option - This feature would make it possible to download all messages in a topic (here).
Image05. Instagram Sharing - The idea behind this feature is to make it easier to share pics and posts across many social networks with a single click on a post (here)
Image06. Live Feed - order of comments - This feature would give users the option to show live feed comments in either ascending or descending chronological order (here).
Image07. Login via "Social Network" - This feature would give users the ability to login (or logon) using the users "social network" account (here).
Image08. Moderation Bump Option - This feature would give moderators the ability to "bump" a sticky topic to the top of the "sticky list" without having to make and then delete a post (here).
Image09. Moderation Tracker - This feature would act like a "message flow" for moderation changes on a board giving a list of the last 10-20 moderation changes with links (where applicable) to the changes and who performed the action (here).
Image10. Password Retrieval & Email Update Expansion - A request to have "lost password" retrieval messages go to both primary and secondary email addresses and giving some global staff members the ability to access and update user information (here).
Image11. Post Karma/Post Likes - This request is for the ability of a user to give karma or likes to a post made by another user (here).
Image12. Runboard Chat in tab of choice - This feature would allow the user to click on a box that would move or allow the chat box to open in the tab they are in instead of forcing users away from the tab they are currently on (here).
Image13. YouTube Found - This feature would add a box allowing the user to post the url of a YouTube video they already know the address to (here).
Image14. YouTube Thumbnails - This feature would implement the YouTube thumbnail feature found in the new profiles for use on boards and in posts (here).

Note: If you see an item that has been greyed out that means the feature has been granted since this list was started.

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