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posticon Skins FAQ

Question: Where is the Custom Css, Custom HTML, Custom language set?

Answer:Click here for a detailed answer

Question: Can I change the layout, to a different color/edit the skin to fit my preferences?

Answer: Absolutely, We make these skins just as a hobby, and we understand that not all the skins will totally meet your needs, so if you want to change the skin, or just use parts of it, that is perfectly okay.

Question: Do I need to do anything else besides copy and pasting the skin to my board, to use the skin?

Answer: No, you just simply have to copy and paste the codes to your board. The skins, are free, and we make them to help improve the looks, and coding of runboard message boards. A thank you topic here, or a drink of choice to the skinner is purely optional.

Question: Do you take Skin Requests?

Answer: No, In the past I personally have tried to take skin requests, but I've come to realize there isn't enough time in the day to take so many requests. You can suggest a skin, and it might or might not be made.

Question: Will you put the Skin on my board for me?

Answer: No, but if you ask questions in this forum, we will help as much as we can. You should never trust just anyone with administrative power on your board. They could really mess it up if they wanted to.

Question: How do I put my Custom Made Skin in the Skins forum?

Answer: You will need to post your skin in this forum using This Method. The Support staff will look at your skin, and if your Skin is:
(1.) Your own skin, and not copied from another internet site.
(2.) CSS and HTML error free, read about validating HERE.

Then we will add your skin to the Skins forum. If there are just a few small errors, we will more than likely tell you how to fix it, then after you fix it, we will post the skin.

Will edit new questions in as they are asked

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Video: How to install a skin on your Runboard

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