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Message Flow Revamp

I would like to see the ]Message Flow page redesigned as a primary Runboard page displaying posts from the last 24 hours instead of the previous ten minutes.

In the redesign, I would also like to see one new column labeled "Message Board" which would display a link to the posters community.


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12/2/2018, 2:12 pm Link to post Email Pastor Rick   PM Pastor Rick Blog
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Re: Message Flow Revamp

Ooh. Yes. Me want. I got the 'muscle' board from that page when I saw a thread title that gave me pause. If I hadn't, that board would still be up and running.

I had seen a number of newbies join the board, but I didn't look beyond the main page. It was the thread title that had me take a much closer look.


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12/3/2018, 4:29 am Link to post Email Joxcenia   PM Joxcenia Blog

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