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I'm so frustrated: part 1, 6 July

July 8, 2009 at 6:51pm

Background: Our router hasn't worked all that well in recent years. Two months ago it got even worse. When I would turn on another computer than my main one and use the Internet with it, I would get a disconnect every 5 minutes or so. Needless to say, this is very annoying, especially when playing a video game over the Internet.

A couple days after I had bought a DS Lite, the 4th of July, I noted a defective pixel. Damn it. I played my DS the next day as well, but then I didn't want to play it until I had traded it in.

The day is 6 July. I try calling Nintendo to ask about their return policy. "It's-a-me, Mario!" I choose Dutch, upon which I get transferred, but no one answers the phone. I try again. Still nothing.

I call the store where I had bought my DS Lite, Saturn. No response. I try again. No response. I try the other Saturn store in my province. There is a response from a machine. I choose the After Sales department, but no one answers the phone. I try again with the same result.

Later I decide to try calling Nintendo again. This time a man answers. I have to send the DS Lite to them to get a replacement. I ask if I can go back to the store to trade it in. The man answers that it depends on store policy, as it's a risk they take. If they send back a system with a defect that isn't covered under the warranty, they lose money.

I try calling Saturn again, but there's still no response. I give up calling, and decide to play Secret of Mana with Ryan.

I switch to my secondary PC, but my router is being a bitch. After restarting the router and my PC several times, there's still no connection. Then Windows tells me there's a conflict between the IP address and a device with some ID. I try refreshing the IP address, and I finally have a connection! However, by now Ryan has some stuff to do. Until he's done, I do some web page work for PS Cave.

When he's finally done, we try to play, but the connection is slow. As I feared, this was a symptom of an impending disconnect. After reconnecting, the connection is speedy, but I get disconnected again and again. I propose to try again the next day.

So I try to continue my web page work, but by then I was very nervous, and there was always something that tickled my senses. A fly bothering me, dad coughing, my skin tickling.

As if that wasn't enough, dad wanted to drink. He even had already drank some wine in the afternoon. Selfish bastard.

That night, I ask David through MSN what brand of router he would recommend. Understandably, he's too tired at the moment, so he'll look the next day.

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