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Sagliano Micca

The train from Milano entered slowly into the Torino Main Station after only about an hour and a half.
After leaving the station my wife and I walked to our hotel wich was only half a block away. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was beginning to heat the beautiful old city. WOW!!!!! did I feel great, smelling the air which somehow felt different ( hardly any pollution)..
Torino is enbedded within tall mountains, mountains which we soon would be driving through.

In 1933 my Grandfather his daughters and son left Italy, he never returned, but always dreamed of it and told us many wonderful stories of the old country. Thanks to my Dad I started visiting Italy since I was 14 and we spend wonderful vacations in the town where my Mom had been born, Sagliano Micca. A tiny town up in the mountains that sorround Torino, up high where the wind is crisp and the white water rivers roar majestically.
This time I had come with my girl to show her the land of my roots.

Drove fast in the Fiat Punto which we rented to Sandhia where we started our climb to the beautiful city of Biella, not to large and not to small. Biella is the center of many Piemontese towns and the monastery is lovely. We arrived here about to hours after leaving Turin and had some cookies and caffee-latte, great Italian coffee and milk. Strolled for a while and back up again in the Fiat up to Sagliano.

The little town is so small I passed it!!!!!!! and after asking here and there a smilling old woman told me to drive back two miles..we did and got to the Sagliano main square.

As soon as I stopped I remembered the church in the corner, it had been 45 years since I had been here, and I swear to God I felt as if I had been here just a few years ago.....some tears ran down and sobbed for a little while full of thanks. Then we walked and walked all over. Sorry to say there was no family waiting for me but I felt as if my Nonno and Mamma were walking with me smiling at their little lovely town.

 We visited the church and I felt very sad for a while but soon my spirits were up and drove up to a wonderful brook where we sat and looked at the striking mountains and flowers. I had a little transparent box and picked up some moss and earth to take back to my study. It is right in front of me now, a little tiny piece if Italy......

Time, eternal enemy, passed so fast and it was time to go back. I told my wife I wanted to be by myself for only two minutes, she smiled and I walked a few steps away from her.....

I looked over the valley and saw my Mom running in the grass and flowers in a beautiful white dress, she stopped and looked at me, her eyes were shinning in the sun and a smile in her lips told me she was happy......I waved at her and said goodby to Sagliano and promised her to come back.
That was in July of 2002.....we are going back next year with two of my grandchildren.

You might be born anywhere but the land of your roots is always in your heart and soul emoticon

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