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Costa Amalfi

Hi, the Costa Amalfi, runs from Naples, Italy, down to Salerno......

Rented a tiny car in Naples at 7:30 am and started the trip. Maps and roads in Italy are excellent and after checking the route started by driving by the coast road and up to the hills. The road is great!!!, but, very narrow, very very!!!! so you need the tiny car emoticonemoticon....
We started winding up magnificent hills right by the blue Mediterranean going through small, beautiful towns and eventually got to Sorrento, the town of the song " Torna a Sorrento" which we Italians sing and whistle all our lives. Stopped and had some great coffee, it was only 8:30 am.
On we went and started passing small tunnels and on the next one I noticed a Bus comming so I had to movea little off the road so we both could pass, as I said the road is very narrow!!!..emoticon emoticon
Down a slope through another tunnel and Behold!!!!!!! as we came out of it we were in the middle of the main square of Positano...WOW!!!! fantastic veiw. So we stopped and walked through one of the most beautiful towns in the Amalfi Coast. Got me a nice T-shirt, which I wear all the time, and after a while got very hungry..... Lunch was super!!!!! "Frutta di Mare" with pasta....YUMMY!!!!...and a large cold "Birra"....what more could you ask for.

So up the hill we went and passed incredible tiny towns and in minutes got to Amalfi....another Mediterranean wonder town and some more souvenir buying and a wonderful walk.. Had some coffee and back to our tiny wagon I,think it was the smallest Daihatsu.....nice lttle thing, my wife and I felt like two kids with a toy!!!.

We stopped in a nice wide curve where many fruit vendors offered their delicious products...WOW, delicious apples and pears I had for the rest of the trip. On we went to finally reach Salerno, here the Allies made their second landing in Italian soil during WWII. They understimated the defences and got nailed for two weeks on the beaches!!!!!...
Salerno is quite a port and the road by the Ocean is beautiful, with old and new buildings in the shadows of large palm trees lingering in the sea wind. How pretty and peaseful it looked. Nice real nice.

To me Italy is so beautiful it is like a dream. Naples, dirty as it is, is one of the most wonderful cities on earth....emoticon

Well, it was 5:00 pm and we had had our dream of driving through the Amalfi coast. Time to drive back to Naples. Now I took Interstate A3, which put us back at the car rental place in about an hour. Trafic?...a lot and messy but fun!!!!!....

Walked for many hours in our last night in Naples had a great pizza and went to bed, the train for Florence left early next day....but that´s another story.


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Re: Costa Amalfi

Sounds lovely. I hope to do something similar one day. emoticon

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