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The Benefits of being a Premium User

Just as with the basic accout you'll have no popups, a PM inbox and answering machine as well as a blog service.

However, for just 10 US$ or 10 € you can have one year of Premium, which entails:

- 250Kb post size instead of 10 Kb

More usability for Private Messages:

- room for 50 PMs in your primary inbox instead of just 20
- additional inbox folders which allow you to store much more than 50 PMs
- a 10 Kb limit on PMs instead of just 3 Kb
- 1000 bytes for your PM ignore and allow lists instead of just 50 bytes

In addition, you'll have other features beyond the basic account. Check this out:

- You won't see any banner ads on any board.
- You can become invisible in the Who's online list.
- You can stop your name from appearing in the member list.
- You get instant notification when you receive a new PM (via the inbox link).
- You get priority support here and through mail.

And finally, there's one more thing: You can feel really good about helping runboard maintain its service and expand it.

If you want to see all of this on a nice list, hit this link.

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Re: The Benefits of being a Premium User

Another perk has been added:

If a user upgrades to permium user through the link provided on a message board, that board is credited with 10,000 premium page views. However, if you upgrade through any other method, the board won't be credited with premium views.

So, if you plan on upgrading, and you want to help out your favorite board, do it through the link right there.



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