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hey guys just wanna ask......

so i was listing to the Ep and was also playing my guitar...and i was wondering...if you guys played a dropped C tuning

if not i must be D flat?

or are you not too over literate with to the tunings?lol

i know some bads that aren't....still good !@#$ though!!!

hey hey

thank you pleash
5/17/2004, 4:07 pm Link to post Email Boothy666   PM Boothy666
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Re: hey guys just wanna ask......

Wrong board wrong forum.

This is Runboard Support Forums for Q&A related to the free and premium remotely hosted message boards which it provides.

I am sure that it hosts a board for musicians.

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5/17/2004, 6:20 pm Link to post PM Smackdown5 Blog

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