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Simplify .NET development with TierDeveloper

TierDeveloper lets you map your .NET business components against your relational databases, embed complex SQL in them along with your business rules. It generates truly object oriented .NET components in C# and VB.NET. Use these components in COM+ or stand-alone environments and in ASP.NET or Windows Forms applications. Develop apps in matter of hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Free 30 days trial available at:

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4/22/2004, 9:56 am Link to post Email momina   PM momina
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Re: Simplify .NET development with TierDeveloper

Do they, really, wow, that is just soooooo cool, they way u hid spam in a apparently legit message. You are my god.

Time to burn.



4/23/2004, 8:56 am Link to post PM beavis MSN Yahoo Blog

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