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posticon ragnarok online(DarkRo)

this is free private server
we hv a lot events can win good prize
the rate are 4/4/8 i think itz decent
here is teh stuffz we hv

pvp in alberta
mpv npc
dog healer
taming npc
WoE(sorta working)
all teh new town (even come w/ monsters)
77 dye
black jack
and a lot more
come to see it urself
the forum is
4/20/2004, 10:24 pm Link to post Email darkwolrd   PM darkwolrd
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Mr RunSearch
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Re: ragnarok online(DarkRo)

expect to see this piece of spam eaten whole.

This forum is for promoting Runboard free message boards only.

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4/20/2004, 10:28 pm Link to post PM Smackdown5 Blog
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Re: ragnarok online(DarkRo)

*gets out fork'n'knife* tastes good with pork rinds, vegemite, and any Australian beer except fosters.


4/21/2004, 6:26 am Link to post PM beavis MSN Yahoo Blog

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