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Forum Rules ~ Please Read Before Asking A Question

(1) Has Your Question Already Been Answered? Check First!

It is likely that your question has already been asked (and answered). To save time and ensure that you're not repeating a previously answered question, please read the following pages:

FAQ Pages:

Support Pages:

Many of the features/options offered by are explained at:

The Q&A forum has hundreds of topics. You can either check through the topics manually or use the simple search feature to locate relevant topics:,pleasedo=simplesearch

If you still can't find the answer you need, then please post your question.

(2) How To Ask A Question

Start with a meaningful title for your topic, eg. "How do I change a forum separator?".

Titles like "Help" or "A Question..." or "The Sky is Falling" don't help much later on when people are looking for a particular subject.

Give a brief but clear summary of what the problem is or what you want to know. If difficult to describe you may find it easier to take a screenshot.

Provide a link to your board (if applicable).

Be patient. Your query will be dealt with as soon as possible; how long it takes may depend upon the complexity of the question and who is in attendance at the time.

Give feedback. If the answer doesn't work or it's not clear, say so.

Remember, as well as getting your question answered, your query provides answers for others in the future. So, ask your general and technical questions on the board - don't PM staff asking for an answer.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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