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How do Moderators work?

Can someone please explain the function and operation of Moderators for a board/forum.
Can the Moderator review all posts to a board BEFORE they become publicly visible? If not, does the Moderator really only have a moderating role after the event of someone posting something. If so what is the nature of that role - to be able to edit a posting by someone, or is it really only an ability to delete a posting?
I need to be able to set up a properly moderated board for serious academic discussion so that people's submissions are passed first to the moderator before they become public.

Hope you can help.
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Re: How do Moderators work?

Moderators can edit and delete posts - even those by admins, if you so chose in the control panel of your board.

They can move topics, open and close them, make them sticky or not.

They can also set certain low-key security functions.

Their function is to make an admin's life easier without granting them the far-reaching and board-changing abilies an admin has. You can always have more than one admin or mod for a board.

Nobody can control posts before they are posted, with the exception of the user writing them.

Hope that helps. emoticon

- Firlefanz

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Re: How do Moderators work?

What Firlefanz said emoticon

Only grant moderator and admin status, to people you trust. Otherwise somebody in that role, could damage/change your board.



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