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Adding a Forum, Changing the Time

hey i got my own forum but im just abit stuck, how do i make another topic apart from main chat, and how do i change the time becuase its 5 hours ahead. thanks.

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Re: i need help

Near the top of the screen you will see a link to the Control Panel. Click on that.
From the dropdown list that appears, select your message board. Click the Manage button.
You are now in the control panel for your board.
To add another forum, click on the Add a new forum button. From there it is quite self-explanatory.
To set the time on your board, click on the Set misc. options button. The time offset is the first thing in the list. If it is 5 hours out, you will need to put 5 or -5 in that box, depending which way it is 5 hours out.
Hope this helps.
I'll leave this topic here, rather than moving it to the Q&A forum so you can find it again.

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