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Registered: 08-2003
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help with signature pic

i have a pic i would like to put on my signature. it starts with http, but do i have to put [img] in the front of it and the back for it to work.. someone told me that but it still isnt working. i tried it the http in the front where it should be but isnt working.. can someone help? please

8/12/2003, 3:03 pm Link to post Email sirsean2   PM sirsean2
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Re: help with signature pic

your sig is ok, exept for the last img. you should open with [img]
and you should end with
[/img] you forgot the /


Danta that I've been seeing u around in many great boards,u're kind of famous

8/12/2003, 4:57 pm Link to post Email Danta   PM Danta Blog

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