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2014 xtrail intermittent self lock and unlock

 Hi guys/girls.
Im really hoping someone has an idea how to fix my weird issue. The car will sometimes quite unexpectedly lock and unlock itself a few times before going quiet for a few minutes and then doing it again.this would happen once a day or sometimes once a week...or maybe 5 times a day....i guess tot get the point. Well I'm stuck.
Any brilliant ideas would be gladly appreciated.
6/20/2020, 8:10 pm Link to post Email StephanusG   PM StephanusG Blog
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Hi StephanusG! Welcome to Runboard!

You have found yourself on the board Runboard Support Forums. It is a board that helps people with Runboard issues. You really want to be at Australian X-Trail. They will be able to help you with your issue. Here is the link: It is a private board, but it doesn't sound like you will have any problem getting in. First, read the rules and regulations there. Then try to post in "Introduction of New Members. It won't let you post yet, but it will pop up this box:


Answer all of the things it asks and then hit Submit. The board's owner will get back to you. Once he lets you in, introduce yourself and then ask your question.


6/21/2020, 1:17 am Link to post PM Susa Blog

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