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Login problems

OK - I'm getting really frustrated. Every time I try and logon via the Honda S800 owners club site I struggle. It doesn't recognise me - I've just tried for half an hour - even on runboard central most of the time it doesn't recognise me - then - suddenly I'm on - User name is right so is password - is my account corrupted or something? I'm not going to get a reply on this board so please reply or copy to steve_wilson_1959@[sign in to see URL]

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Hi Steve! Since you were eventually able to log on, I can only guess that you had either your screen name or your password wrong each time you tried. Also, you have a space in your name and that could have messed you up. When you type your name, try putting an underline in it, where the space is. Try steve_wilson59.

I also can’t let you have your email address on this public board and so I am taking it out. You are going to have to read my reply here. I am sorry about that.

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