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Coloring a Forum Name

Sheesh, I'm the only one who needs to ask questions here! emoticon

Sorry for asking now as I know it'll probably be Christmas Eve when you see this, but do you know how to color the links to forums from the main page. My board in question is, and I am hoping to bring in a new forum or two for Christmas, but want to color them like the others, so they can match.

I checked the "Rename forum" bit in the Control Panel and it doesn't have any color code in the titles there, so I'm guessing it's some CSS trick?

And it's not like each link is actually an image, either, because I was able to highlight part of it with my mouse.

So, in short: How do I color the forum title? emoticon

Thank you,

Messup emoticon

Keshi Heads
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Re: Coloring a Forum Name

You guessed correctly Messup. To color forum list names you use this style in the CSS code.

#fl_td_1_2 .forumlistforumname {
 width: 60%;
 font-size: 16px;
 color: #990000;

The number I made big and red is the forum number according to the message boards forum list, so both visible and invisible forums count for this purpose. To change the color, you change the hex code you see after the color statement.


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