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I am trying to delete Rosies board, which I accidentally started. I meant to join Chickadees and did but also started a board. I guess I did not know what I was doing. I have forgotten my password and cannot get it deleted. Can someone please get it deleted for me? Thank you.
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Re: delete board

Hi Rosie,

Are you wanting to delete the board you created in February? I can delete it for you, but you will need to retrieve your password eventually.

To retrieve your password, you can log out, then do a "Lost password" request. But before you log out...

A password retrieval will only work if you still have access to the email address you used to create your account. Since your account is only 7 months old, this is very likely. However, if you're not sure, you can look that information up before logging out of your Runboard account. To look it up, click or hover on the "Control panel" link in the black navigation bar at the top of this page, then click or tap on "Registration information" from there.

--Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

If you no longer have access to that email, you can change it on that screen, and a confirmation will be sent to your new email. Click on the link that's provided in that email, to confirm that you entered the new email address correctly. Then, check the registration information page again to make sure it was changed successfully. Once you're sure your account has an email address that you have access to, you can log out of your account and proceed with the password retrieval.

After you log out, you can find the "Lost password?" link in the black navigation bar at the top of every Runboard page.

--Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

After you click on that link, you will need to enter your screen name (rosie33) and submit it. Your password will then be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

I hope this helps!

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