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Replacing Forum Lists with picture links!

I know I don't have time to do this, but I had a wild idea. The idea is to hide the existing forum list (all of the forums) on a message board. Then create graphic images that have links to those same forums. Using visual images with links would open up new message board design possibilities by allowing the message board to come closer to resembling a website and that might make the board more usable on mobile devices.

Just an idea for now.


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Re: Replacing Forum Lists with picture links!

It sounds simple enough to me, but why do you think you need to replace words with images to make it more usable on mobile devices?

Edit to add: You can make table cells behave like divs (display:block) and float them, to take them out of their strict columnar format. For the forum names to start on a new line, you would need to clear the float on those.

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