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Attachments question

My board: [sign in to see URL]

I am linking just in case my website link is needed to help out.

Anyways I have a free account on [sign in to see URL] how do I

#1: Set how many attachments can be made in a post

#2: Set how much data per post is someone permitted to upload

#3: Set who can upload

#4: Set what type of files (.zip .qst etc.) can be uploaded please? Thank you and my name is Jason
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Re: Attachments question

Hi Jason,

Links can be made in a post which can point to a upload/download site, I even have a way to add the choice of upload/download site to the message posting screen. Runboard does not allow uploading to its own servers for security reasons. As to how much can be posted, #post67220]this topic has a list of what the difference is between a free account and a premium account.

Questions 3 and 4 deal with privileges you will find on upload sites. For files that are not images you can visit ]this site for a review of, and links to, file sharing services.

On a case by case basis, I will sometimes allow uploads to [sign in to see URL] but that is a choice I make based on what is being done.


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