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Search Users and Boards Highlight

You know how on the "search users and boards" box when you type in part of a friend's name it pops up at the top of the list no matter when they joined Runboard? I think that's a cool feature to help find your friends easier, but what if you did the same with boards? Where either any board you posted at or any board you bookmarked (not sure which would work better) is up at the top for easier navigation?

Plus, there's a friends list but no list for boards posted at so if you're a member of many boards you might forget some.

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Re: Search Users and Boards Highlight

Sorry, Brian. I got sidetracked when I saw this before, and forgot to come back to it.

I would personally like to see a section in our control panels that lists the boards where we have membership. If we had that, then I think it would probably be easy to check against that list and show them first when typing something in the search box that matches them. As it stands, I'm guessing it would require some restructuring of the database to store that information for each user account, but with my limited knowledge of programming in general and Runboard's database setup in particular, I can't really say for sure, nor do I know how much work that would entail.

Although free accounts have a limit of 7 bookmarks using Runboard's bookmark feature, you can subscribe to unlimited RSS feeds, or use old-fashioned browser bookmarks. I have grown quite fond of RSS feeds, because they let me know if someone posts at a board where no one has posted in a while.

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