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[img][/img] for visually impaired?

I know of no method currently to use the alt or title attributes with bbcodes which makes the use of graphics in a post look at best confusing and at worst blank or meaningless. Am I missing something? Is there a way that doesn't look like I am repeating myself to the sighted folk while using the bbcodes [img][/img] in a post?


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Re: [img][/img] for visually impaired?

I should have gotten on Thor's case years ago to make it possible to add alt attributes to posts. For now, I think the best I can do is stick it on our long to-do list.

With our current capabilities, my first thought was to hide the text by coloring it the same color as the background and make it small, which I see you have already done. emoticon

My second thought was to use a CSS hack. I haven't tried this, but something like this might work:

In posts:



font[size="-2"] font[size="-2"] {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 1px;
    height: 1px;
    color: transparent;
    overflow: hidden;

You brought up a valid concern in chat about search engines. For other people reading this, search engines have been known to remove pages from their index if hidden text is used for keyword stuffing. I honestly don't know if that would happen in this case, where the image has a few sentences of text, and you're using text to tell the visually impaired what the image says. You're not spamming, but would search engines know this?

On the one hand, the CSS validator can detect if text and a background have the same color. On the other hand, Google has become so advanced that they could probably pick up the text from the image the same way spambots can read a captcha, and 'know' that you're captioning the picture. I suppose it could go either way.

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