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CSS trick 1 & 2 oddities

I never noticed this behavior before so it may be something that has been around for a long time. I would classify this as a non-problem bug since it doesn't hurt anything but it is strange.

With a board set to use both CSS trick 1 & 2 the selection cursor (the hand) will show up across all cells of the forum list and will actually work to move you to the topics list if you click on any cell except for the "Last Post" column of cells.

Now if you are on the Topic List things are a bit different. First the cursor doesn't change to the hand, it stays a arrow unless you are actually on the topics name. Yet the cursor will take you to the topic if you click on any column except for the "Moderators," the "Started By" and the "Last Posts" columns.

As I said, the oddity in behavior doesn't effect the functionality of the board but it isn't consistent between the two (Forum and Topics)...


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