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Renting Party Room and Swimming Pool

Is there a contract available for our review on renting a condo party room?
What's the average rental amount?
Security Deposit?
Length of time rental is good for?

Same questions for condo swimming pool?
2/21/2011, 8:30 pm Link to post Email Thatcher Rose   PM Thatcher Rose Blog
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Re: Renting Party Room and Swimming Pool

Welcome to Runboard, Thatcher Rose. emoticon is a message board service that currently hosts more than 11,000 message boards that are independently owned by whomever creates them. The purpose of Runboard Support (this board) is to help Runboard members and message board owners learn how to get the most out of their Runboard user accounts and message boards.

If you click on the link to your control panel, you will find a section that says, "Last Visited Boards." In this list, you should find the message board where you intended to ask your condo-related questions. In your case, I believe you were looking for the Board Member/Unit Owner Forum. Once you get back there, you can add it to your list of Runboard favorites by clicking on the "Add to bookmarks" link at the top of that board.

I hope this helps. emoticon

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2/21/2011, 9:01 pm Link to post Email Lesigner Girl   PM Lesigner Girl Blog

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