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Private board with one public forum

You may want to make your board private, but keep one forum open so people can read your rules before joining, learn how to join, ask questions, etc.

Rather than making your whole board public and then adding each person to each private forum individually, the following security settings will make your life, as a board owner and/or admin, easier.

If the open forum is read-only

This is good for posting your board's rules, and/or explaining how to become a member of your board.

Board's security settings:

Read access: Everyone
Write access: Logged-in users
Membership gaining method: Invite-only membership

In your explanation of how to become a member (in the open forum), you should state that they need to send you an inbox PM and/or PM email (whichever you prefer, or give them the choice) in order to request membership. Of course, you will also need to have this option enabled in your personal miscellaneous settings, so people will be able to contact you.

You will need to add each member to your board manually by going into your board-wide "advanced" security settings, then click on the "See members" button and add each member manually.

Open forum's security settings:

Read access: Everyone
Write access: Require membership
Membership gaining method: Invite only membership

If only admins will post here, this is all you need to do for this forum. However, if you want a moderator to be able to post here, you'll need to add that person manually by clicking on the "See members" in the "fine tune" security settings for that forum.

Members-only forums:

Read access: Require membership
Write access: Require membership
Membership gaining method: Use board's memberlist

If you want to allow anyone to post in this open forum:

If you wish to allow people to ask questions in your open forum before they are members, follow all of the above directions, but change all of the open forum's settings to "Board's default" and "Use board's memberlist".

Since this method allows non-members to post in the open forum, you can create a "signup" thread where people can ask for membership, and sticky that thread to the top of the open forum. This way, the first board admin to see their request can add people to the member list.

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