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Guidelines: How to keep your account safe.

You should always take precautions to ensure the safety of your Runboard user account. If you are a Board Owner, and someone got into your account they could delete your board, Forums, topics, posts, etc. If you are a Board Admin, or Mod and someone got into your account they could delete topics, posts, etc.

Hopefully this little tutorial will help you in securing your user account.
Signing into Runboard on Shared or Public Computers:

If your computer is shared (even with kids, or family members), It would be best to make sure you DO NOT stay logged into Runboard, when you are away from the computer. It would also be preferable that you did not have your browser remember your account password.

On a public computer like a library, or web cafe, it is extremely important that you log out of runboard once you are done.

Doing this will prevent people being able to pose as you, or delete things on the board, on a shared, or public computer.
Email address associated with account:

When you created your runboard account, you had to add an email address, when you signed up.

If this email address is one you always use, for every day emails, I would change it. Use an email address that no one even knows exists. This will prevent people being able to try 'forgot password', then guessing your Email password.

If you do not already have an email address, that no one else knows about, Then you can create one at:

Password Tutorial:
It would be wise of you, to change your password every so often.. but there are also a few "No No's", with creating good, secure passwords.


#1: Use family members, or pets names as a password. (These are too easily guessable.. so if your password is say 'kidsname00', or 'petsname073', or something like that.. please change them.. now.)
#2: Tell someone your password, so they can help you with a problem (never under any circumstances, give your password out.. not even to Your Mom.)
#3: Write down and store your password in a place where anyone can see it. Even if it is on a post-it note on your own personal laptop
A good password also has numbers in them, Some may just put random numbers in, but you could also replace the letters with numbers.


Some people may get confused for a bit about the number replacements, but after a few times of doing this you will probably get the hang of it.

A good way to make a password that is really hard to guess is by combining two words, and replacing some letters with numbers. Keep in mind the 2 words should be something you don't talk about much online, or offline. And it definitely shouldn't be someones name, that you know. An example lets say you went to France on a vacation when you were a kid. You may tell someone you went on that trip but if it was something in your past then more than likely someone wouldn’t think about using it, if they were trying to guess your password. anyway Lets say you went to France and the street you work on is Second street. Well exchange some (not all if you can remember the pass) letters to numbers of the two words.


Now in some sort of sequence add the two words such as this:

FsReAcNoCnEd or f5r34cn0cn3d

See how I Combined the two words to make it look like completely random garble? Garble with random letters and numbers is very hard to guess.

Another thing you can do is use another language besides your first Language, and or English.

Feel free to add your own guidelines or suggestions, but please stay on topic.


3/25/2010, 8:01 pm Link to post PM Joshin Josh Blog

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