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Deleting your user account.

In short, you can't delete your account.

We do this so that nobody else can re-invent your userid, and start using it.

If you really want to stop using your account and leave Runboard there are some options available though :

You can ask the owners of any boards which have you as a member to remove you from the board membership list. (Particularly useful if it's a members only board)

In your Control Panel>Change Misc Settings, there is a box labelled "MASTER "NOMAIL" SWITCH" . Check this box and confirm to stop all RB email to your registered email address.

Just stop using the account.

Change your password without looking at the keyboard and that will prevent even you from using it. (Mash the keyboard indiscriminately), then logout. This coupled with the 'master nomail switch' option will prevent you from retrieving your password.

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