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John Rambo

A surprisingly good action movie. The scenario is very basic, but I mean you do not go watch Rambo expecting subtelty right ? emoticon
I was quite amazed by the level of violence (very realistic) displayed in this film, which is very rare to see that nowdays. Honestly, I think that pretty much no horror movie made those last few years are not as gruesome as this movie. Here, when there is an explosion, you don't just see flames, and entire unarmed bodies flying in the air ; no, you see a cloud of blood and limbs, body parts, chunks of corpses flying around. Someone being shot ? you'll see a hole on their body, with pieces of flesh ripped off flying around, and blood pouring out of the wounds.
Some parts of the movie will had me repeating "holy !@#$ !" several times in a row. I don't mean that in a bad way, on contrary, and I insist on the fact that if you are going to watch a censored or edited version of this movie, you might just not watch it at all.

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Re: John Rambo

It's a good ending for the series and I do prefer it to 2 or 3.


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