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Can't Post (for Admins) - Use of <Form> Tags

Okay, you can access the board, you can read the posts, but, when you try to add a reply or create a new topic, you can't.

You might get the messagebox appear but you can't click on smilies and get them to appear in the box. When you hit the 'Previw' or 'Submit Reply' button, nothing happens.

If the above is the case, then it's very likely that you have a problem with <form></form> tags in your Custom HTML.

The most common use for <form> tags is the dropdown menu. Make sure you have used the correct code structure. Here is an example:

Often, the problem will just be a missing </form> tag but sometimes it may be a tag out of place.

As a basic guide, think '<form><select><option>...</option></select></form>'

If you get tangled up in the code (many of us do), just post on Support for help.


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