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Before Customising Your Board - Change to a CUSTOM Layout

Your board has a variety of themes which can be viewed in the 'preview' mode (where you can check out how different layouts look).

However, if you want to make changes (ie. customise) your board, then you need to make the layout your 'Custom' layout. That's easy to do:

Go to Control panel>Board Management>Change board theme/layout.

Check the option that says 'Copy it to the custom layout, and switch to using the custom one'. Click the 'Change theme' button. ***

Now, you can go to Control panel>Board Management>Edit layout /colors of your board>Manage Custom HTML content (or Manage CSS) and add the necessary code there.

*** Note: any code you have already put in your Custom CSS and HTML area will be lost when you save to Custom, so it's best to take a copy of the code (in a text or doc file) first.

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Re: Before Customising Your Board - Change to a CUSTOM Layout

Here is a picture showing the CSS and HTML buttons. I have surrounded the CSS button with red and the HTML button with blue to make it easier to see in the picture.

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Re: Before Customising Your Board - Change to a CUSTOM Layout

In this post, you will find a list of helpful topics. But first, it helps to know some of the terminology we use here, so the information you read will make sense. Also, please try to use this terminology when asking for help, so we may understand your question better.

Board -- This board is called "Runboard Support Forums".
Forum -- Each board can have one or more forums. This forum is "FAQ".
Thread or Topic -- The thread you are currently reading is titled, "Before Customising Your Board - Change to a CUSTOM Layout"
Post -- Each thread/topic contains posts by individual members. The post you are reading now starts with the words, "In this post, you will find".
Category -- You can create categories on your board by adding a "separator" between lists of forums on your main board page.
Forum list -- Your board's home page
Topic list -- Each forum's main page, which shows a list of topics.
Post list -- Pages within a thread/topic, which "lists" individual posts.
Posting screen, posting page, reply screen, or reply page -- The page where you create or edit a post.

]Board Owner Basics explains how to:

   * Create a board
   * Access your board's control panel
   * Add/remove/rearrange forums
   * Create categories (separators/dividers)
   * Rename your board
   * Rename individual forums
   * Edit keywords and description for search engines
   * Change your security settings, including:
       * Make your board public, or choose from different privacy settings
       * Fine-tuning public/private settings for individual forums
       * How to require moderator approval for new topics (usenet moderation)
       * Create an archive or read-only forum

]How to add admins, board mods, and forum-specific mods
]How to define member levels and titles
]How to ban a user
]How membership lists work
#post254837]How to remove a member from a member list

]How to add/remove smileys and post icons
]Free image hosting sites
]Custom language set — Replace words with other words or images.

]How to set your board's clock

]Styling our newest features — Link to this post, Share options, Topic preview, and User popup.
]Limiting the size on YouTube videos in posts — See here if YouTube videos are too wide for your board's layout.

For more help with these and similar topics, try the search box at the top of this board, or ask in ]Q&A. We're always happy to help. emoticon


Advanced customization and 3rd party add-ons at ]Runboard Extra!:

Popular Features:
]Forum jump
]Smiley scrollbar in reply section -- Good if you have a lot of big smileys
]Midi music on main page only -- Note: A lot of people hate music embedded on a page, so use at your own risk.
]Fixed background -- Background stays still while the page is scrolled.
]Back to top link at bottom of board
]Back to top link in posts

]Different customizations in different forums
]Different color for, or image next to, specific usernames
]Content at top of main page only
]Different images for 'NEW' text

Third party add-ons:
]Rotating banners, avatars, etc
]Quick Reply
]Jump-to-page box - For forums and topics.

For more help with advanced topics, especially the 3rd party add-ons, please ask in ]Extra's Q&A forum. If you need help with basic settings or general customizations like changing font sizes and colors, etc., please ask in ]Support's Q&A.


Promoting your board

Once you have your board looking and running the way you want it, and have posted some topics to get discussion started, you're ready to advertise it at The Runboard Directory. Before you do, please read the topics in ]The Runboard Directory's FAQ forum, especially the sticky topics, where you will find some valuable tips for promoting your board.

Also, don't forget to include a link in your Runboard signature, which will follow you to every Runboard you participate in.


Premium membership and board premium

Would you like a few extra perks, or just want to get rid of the banner ads? Check out the sticky topics in the ]Premium members forum. Here, you will find an explanation of the difference between "user premium" and "board premium", the perks that come with each, and what to expect when you purchase it.

When you purchase user premium for yourself, you can also make sure your favorite board gets a few referral credits for it. Please read the sticky topics carefully, and follow the directions exactly.

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